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      October @ 2pm
      Hollywood, CA the W Hotel: the Black Hollywood Film Festival - Pitch Panel

  • Biography

    Osirion Music / Media is a Los Angeles-based music production company specializing in creating music for film and television underscore and soundtrack production, as well as artist development and modern music production.  We also work in musical directing for “live” performance.

    Chay Alexander Wright - president
    Chay has worked in the studio as a producer/engineer with many artists and projects of all styles/genres ranging from R&B to Rock.  Concentrating on placing the company’s focus on artist development in 2005, he developed Urban/Pop artist, Jasmine Lopez out of New York and allianced her with Radio Disney, landing two singles in the network’s rotation.  In 2010, Chay completed the development and production of Pop/Rock artist, Chlōd with records featured in two feature-film releases, between 2010 – 2011: Honey2 (Universal Pictures) and At the Top of the Pyramid (Slamgate Pictures).  One of Chay’s unique qualities as a producer is that he is creatively and technically self-contained in the studio - engineering, mixing and performing most (if not all) of the instruments on his recordings, having mastered all of the rhythm section instruments, including: guitars, keyboards, bass & drums.  He, also, does all of the orchestral arrangements for some of his productions, stemming from his background as a former orchestra and ensemble musician/arranger.  Chay is an accomplished engineer having recorded and managed studios, all over the U.S., including a standing relationship with the infamous Westlake Studios (West Hollywood, CA).

    As a side musician, Chay has performed and toured for a host of artists, including: Alternative songstress, Billy Miles (Aezra/EMI), two Temptations incarnations, Howard Hewett (Solar Records), Mario (J Records), Christina Milian (MySpace Music) and Corbin Bleu (Hollywood Records).  In 2011, Chay composed the score (alongside Noriko Olling) and co-produced original music for the motion picture soundtrack for At the Top of the Pyramid (Slamgate Pictures) with Richard Willis, Jr. (Mozell Entertainment Group).  Chay is currently completing the upcoming Urban/Pop release of American Idol (FOX) background vocal captain, J'chelle.

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  • Production & Performance

    The most essential aid to any motion picture work is the sound beneath it.  The music connected to a motion picture can either magnify its impact on an audience significantly or kill the momentum, altogether.  Osirion Music / Media has been involved with the underscoring and soundtracks of several shorts and feature-films over the last 15 years, and works with the project producers to create a soundtrack that supports the picture beyond satisfaction and expectation.

    The strength of your artistic/musical package relies heavily on the sonic strength of your material.  From the creativity in the production to the fidelity of your mixes, your work means nothing if it doesn’t sound like it can compete in the commercial market.  Osirion Music / Media has over 20 years of experience in production, recording and mixing in studios all across the U.S., and we bring that experience and expertise to every creative situation of every size, right in our own room.

    The most important aspect of any new artist/music venture is development.  Proper artist development entails: the implementation of solid fundamentals to produce professional results, appropriate music and style direction, and the identification and utilization of the artist’s unique qualities which help to shape a “sound” different from any other artist in the market.  Osirion Music / Media works closely with artists to create and capture their absolute essence in the recordings and performance of their music.

    The “live” performance of an artist’s material is the single-most important opportunity for an audience to connect with the artist, directly.  Music translates quite differently in a “live” situation compared to recordings.  Songs must effectively be arranged and performed to make a great impression that engages an audience, and all of the energy on the stage must elevate the performance to a larger-than-life state.  From the arrangements to the musicians, Osirion Music / Media works with artists to tweak every aspect of their show to remarkable perfection.

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    Los Angeles, CA

    Contact: Chay Alexander Wright
    E-mail: info@lookalikeproductions.net

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    The Complete Artist Development Series (books)

    March 16, 2012

    On March 12, 2012, look alike productions released The Complete Artist Development Series: The Collaboration, the first in the series.  This book provides entrepreneurial producers and independent artists, in the music business with an arsenal of tools to make smart choices in maintaining healthy creative collaborations.  In each chapter, I recommend conducting business based on a series of tasks containing steps and moves pertaining to eight facets of an artist development collaboration: partnership initiation, organization, monetary value, contractual agreements, ethics, networking and resources, commercial assessment, and project contingency.  The ultimate purpose of this book is to give producers and artists a blueprint of how to take care of each other while looking out for their own best interest.  The Collaboration is available for a $2.99 purchase and download in eBook format.

    The Complete Artist Development Series is a step-by-step guide preparing artists and producers for the many complexities they tend to encounter while working to create and promote new music, by implementing essential practices in: honing their crafts, establishing and nurturing relationships, as well as the best approaches to working together to maximize their creative and commercial potential in the pursuit of their music endeavors.